Friday, August 03, 2012

Crumbling around Texas :)

Being in 100 degree heat what did I decide to do? 
Duh, bake a berry crumble and heat up the house! 

Well, it turned out amazing and actually didn't make the house very hot at all.

I used frozen berries, normally I would use fresh but we didn't have any.
I squeezed fresh lemon juice over the berries, and coated them lightly with flour and sugar. 
the topping consists of butter, oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon & a little flour to make it crumbly. 

It is probably the easiest yummy treat ever :) 

Moving on, I'm so proud of myself for sticking to dressing cute one more day ;)

Do I sometimes think I'm a fashion model?
Quite possibly :)

I had a very interesting last couple days in the life of getting divorced... I will spare you the details but apparently everyone and their mother knows I'm seeing someone. 
I will say it wasn't a big secret, but I like to think I'm a semi private person...
(As I type this on a blog... ? Huh?)
Anyway, I'm sure that it was one of those "I know it but I'm not going to say it out loud" sort of things, but now clearly people are knowing about this! 

Pretty funny story actually, my beautiful little 2 year old has been telling everyone about "mommy's boyfriend" for quite some time now, but I think this one tops everything.

My ex's mom drove me to the airport last week (I'm visiting my mom in Texas) and she pulled in and came to grab my suitcase while I got my baby, and the first thing out of that tiny little mouth were "Grandma! Grandma, my mom's boyfriend bought her that suitcase! That's the one my mom's boyfriend bought her!" 

Thanks Olivia. 

If there was any doubt that they didn't REALLY know, it's gone now. 

Clearly, I am the bad guy now since he's not dating until our divorce is final... or so he claims. 

But, I guess someone has to be the villain in divorces, why should it not be me? 
I bet I would look pretty cute in a villain costume, and I would get some killer black boots for it.
This bad guy role doesn't seem so bad with the prospect of new boots.... I'm thinking a bit like cat woman but with no mask or tail.

I joke, but I do miss being married. I don't miss being in the kind of marriage I was in (an unhappy one for both of us), but I so love being a wife. I mean, yes, dating someone and being in a relationship with them is fun but it doesn't compare to being married. 
I miss coming home to someone and the feeling of knowing someone is waiting there for you... I miss little things and simple joys like making someone's favorite meal just to make them smile, or kissing someone goodbye in the morning while their sleeping. Making someone's lunch for them as a surprise...
I miss all the little things that contribute to the normalcy and comfort of a marriage, even if I wasn't in a happy one I still had that sense of normalcy which I am lacking now. 

I guess you have to form that comfort and sort of day to day with someone knew, but doing it all over again is pretty scary since you don't know how that other person is going to react.
Good thing I have 2 crazy little girls to distract me from all this or I would go crazy in my own head :)

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