Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Failure to commit

Clearly, I have a hard time keeping up on this blog... so I think it's time that I kick myself into gear and do it.

I have decided being newly almost divorced, I set a few goals for myself....

Goal #1 to be cute!
That sounds silly, because everyone knows I am cute (duh!), but it's so easy for me to get caught up in being a mom and working all the time that I forget about myself. So my goal is to do my hair and makeup every day, and on the days that I'm not working, I HAVE to dress cute. Not only that, lets see how thrifty I can be.. you all know I'm a bargain shopper ;)  I think this is going to be harder than it sounds.

Good thing I have a best friend who loves to dress me....

So here goes, I will be posting outfits just to prove to myself that I will be doing it. Also, I love all these fashion blogs that people have going on these days, I guess I'll have to join in on the cool thing to do!

Goal #2
Start cooking again! I keep doing "quickies" ... and I'm not a fan of it.

Goal #3
Work out 4 times/week
I am a slacker, and I keep eating dessert!!

Goal #3
Keep up this damn blog!! :)

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