Monday, January 02, 2012

Back to work we go..

Well today was my first day back to work since I popped out my new itty bitty, and I think I did quite well. I feel like I may have qualified to be called super mom in fact (which doesn't take a lot in my book honestly, sometimes I think very highly of myself for staying awake all day with no nap).

I got up and made meatloaf so I could just have my hubbs stick it in the oven tonight (it was his day off, otherwise this plan never would have worked). Then I worked a full day and managed to not fall over.

It may not seem like much to some, but I feel like it was a great accomplishment to make it through the day :)

That being said, it was really great to be back to work. I'm one of those crazy people that actually want to go to work, not only because I really enjoy it, but I also really NEED some adult interaction. It was nice to see all the members (I work front desk at a gym) that had basically seen me every day through my pregnancy, besides the rare day I got off from work. I always feel so awkward when I tell people I just had a baby a month ago, because most people make a giant deal out of it.
So I'll just be up front with you - I am tiny. I am a little, skinny person, even when I'm pregnant. So naturally my body stays that way after the baby, itty bitty and tiny. I am the girl that other girls who've had babies and not bounced back hate, which is half the people I meet (which is always awesome). I always have to wait and listen to everyone say "Your kidding. OMG your so tiny!" Okay thanks for the compliment, but it makes me feel EXTREMELY awkward because what am I supposed to say back? "Yeah, thanks, I know."?

I've gotten better though, I explain to people that I work at a gym and exercise, and eat super healthy. Doesn't stop my face from turning extremely red anytime this happens though. I know I know, you are probably thinking "UGH, Listen to this girl complain about people saying she looks good".... Sorry, skinny bitches have problems too.

On another note, I would like to inform anyone reading that I watched The Rise of the Planet of the Apes tonight and it was really amazing. I normally wouldn't be that interested, and I wasn't when my husband rented it. But this movie is awesome. I was glued to the TV the entire movie. So- Make SURE you rent this or get it when it comes out on DVD.
I'll end the night with something to make you laugh that my darling little 2 year old said :
My husband was annoyed because she was being whiney and wouldn't pick up her toys, and so he told her if you don't pick them up I'm throwing them away. So me, being the logical calm one said "why do you say things like that? We're not going to throw them away and she doesn't know your not serious. Your just going to piss her off more." and that's how I taught my daughter how to say "No piss me off more daddy! NO!"
:] Goodnight


Amanda Thomas said...

Ohh Katie. I love you. :D I love this blog b.c. it reminds me I'm not the only one with a crazy little kiddo. Also reminds me that i'm a normal mom, and my problems are shared around the world with other little mommies! Anywho, keep going! I love hearing about life there!


Ashley said...

Hahaha i cant say i love being embarrassed but i loved reading that :)