Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Exhaustion sets in...

Sorry guys I'm already a slacker, I didn't write for yesterday. Honestly I was so tired that I zonked out before 10 which is very abnormal for me. After 2 days of work with horrible sleep I was like the walking dead, my husband actually didn't understand me when I talked to him. Pretty sad, I know. It wasn't anything special to talk about yesterday, I worked, was super tired, then slept. I can't say it was an eventful day.

Today was one of those crazy hectic days where nothing goes right.
I was running late, and then right when I was getting to leave I start bleeding again (I thought that was over but evidently my uterus has a mind of it's own), and then I got in my car to realize not only am I out of diapers I'm also out of gas with no time to stop at the store AND gas station without being late. Luckily I work with lots of girls with kids around mine, so I stole a diaper off one of them to last the day lol.

I absolutely HATE running late. I am an early bird, always to things at least 10 min early, so it really throws me off when things like that happen.

I'm not as tired today, but I still feel like I'm going to fall asleep super early. I have started menu planning, and that really has helped with not coming home and eating something out of the freezer which I also hate. I am on an organizing rampage, and I love knowing what I'm going to make the whole week. really helps that I got one of those desk sized calendars and hung it on my fridge so I can go to it and write our work schedules, appts, and what's for dinner everyday and I have it there to look for what I need that night grocery wise.

That said I feel like me staying awake is not happening. I will leave you with a funny thing I heard today :)
I was in Target going to the bathroom before I ran in to get diapers (AFTER work lol) and I can't see out the door but from what I heard from my stall there was a mom with a little girl probably like 3 or 4. The mom was in the stall, and the girl was waiting right outside by the sinks. She's talking to her mom counting the sinks, and the next thing I hear is " Mom are you done going potty?" "Yes sweetie I'm done" "Mom did you get off the toilet yet?" "Yes, I did" "Okay good. I know you said you had to poop, but that took a long while!"

I love when my little one embarrasses me like that in public places and I can't cover it up and act like she's crazy or just babbling. Oh the joys of motherhood ;

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