Saturday, January 07, 2012

Crossed wires ?

Can someone please explain why men have the ability to get us pregnant, and then are wired completely different when it actually comes to the kids?!? I feel like since we've had our second me and Alex are on completely seperate pages for taking care of them.
I have morphed into this calm, chill mom that doesn't mind if Olivia is being loud or dumping a bucket of toys out, because in my mind it's not HURTING the baby and I'll just help her clean up when she's done. He's turned into this person that freaks out when the baby is crying and always wants Olivia to be quiet around the baby.
I don't know at what point all that changed, but I feel like I'm constantly looking around like the house is crazy whenever we're all in it together lol.

Yesterday was fairly good day, hubby got home from work super early so we got some stuff down around the house. Then I made a pretty nasty pork thing in the crockpot that I thought was going to be one of those I just threw some stuff in and magically out popped this amazing dinner things... it actually turned out quite the opposite. I'm glad nobody was super hungry and we had leftovers to eat, because it went straight in the garbage. An accomplishment though, was that I made like 8 breakfast burritos so we could have breakfast all week. I think that's what I'm going to start doing from now on instead of buying frozen lean pockets. Sundays I'm going to get all the breakfasts made for the week. Surprisingly as soon as I had the assembly line going it went pretty fast, and turned out good. I even used whole wheat tortillas, which hubby wasn't a giant fan of but whatever. He could stand to eliminate some white products from his diet.

Today I'm making italian chicken in the crockpot, super easy 4 ingredient dinner. It's not very healthy seeing as it has cream cheese AND cream of chicken soup, but it's super easy and quite frankly I allow myself some cheat days on the healthy front for some yummy creamy goodness!
SO for those of you that want to cheat and have something yummy, this is the crock pot chicken I'm making.
1 can cream of chicken (you should do non fat and lowest sodium anyway)
1 8 oz pckg cream cheese (fat free!)
4-6 chicken breasts (you can do frozen or thawed)
1 packet zesty italian dressing mix (dried- it's not in the seasonings, it's by the salad dressing hidden. I looked forever because the packet is so small!)

Throw it all in the crock pot and leave on low for 6 hours if the chicken is thawed, high if it's frozen. If you going to be home I'd turn it on low for the last 2 hours if using frozen, but if not they should be fine anyway.
Make some rice when you are ready to eat (brown rice of course, or wild rice whole grain if you want to go all out like I am ;)
I'll post pictures tonight of how it turns out.
I got the menu done for next week yesterday too, so here's that in case your interested!
S: Crockpot Lasagna
M: Clam chowder
T:Taco bites
W:lemon shrimp pasta
T: chicken pockets
F: Quesadillas (either steak or chicken)
S: Grilled cheese & tomato soup

Don't feel like you have to stick to your menu! Change the days according to how life works for you. I garuntee already that one of those nights is going to be taken off because we'll eat over at the in laws, and another one because I am too tired to make it or get it ready in the crock pot in the morning.
I don't feel bad, I think it took a lot of effort to just plan it all out, getting it done is an entirely different story!

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